About me

Hello! I’m B.A. Sujay Prasanna, a licensed advocate, predominantly practicing in Chennai. SP Law Chambers is my workspace.

I spend most of my day making submissions before the courts, drafting pleadings, offering legal opinions, briefing designated senior advocates, reading judgments, and writing articles. I work for all persons including body corporates in a variety of matters across the country. I am a constant learner of law and I have spent the first 5 years of my professional life, learning the nuances of the trade, under the guidance of Shri. A.Ramesh, a veteran in Criminal Law and Shri. Anirudh Krishnan, an expert in Arbitration Law.


I nurtured my early life with education from well-reputed institutions. In 2015, I graduated law from ILS Law College, Pune, which has crafted many legal luminaries including Chief Justices of India and Parliamentarians of this Country. To add to my qualifications, I also hold executive degrees in Competition Law and Cyber Law. During my college days, I have won national debate, moot, published articles, and interned with the stalwarts of the Madras Bar Association, which includes Additional Advocate General, Shri. Veeraraghavan.

Work Process

My work process always begins with understanding the factual matrix of the case and in knowing what the clients want. The needs of my client in the given factual background lay the outline for me to build the case.

My Principle

Everyone deserves a fair trial.

“The assurance of a fair trial is the first imperative of the dispensation of justice … The sophisticated processes of a criminal trial certainly require competent legal service to present a party’s case. If an accused person, for any particular reason,- is virtually deprived of this facility, an essential aid to fair trial fails.”

– Mr. Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer [Mrs. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi & Anr. v. Miss Rani Jethmalani, (1979) 4 SCC 167]


Being in the chambers of various legal stalwarts has imbibed in me their years of experience in handling matters. Further, graduating from a premier national law institution has provided me connectivity to all the courts across the Country thereby equipping me to fight legal battles for you across the Country.

Cons are still my Pros

I am young; therefore I am affordable and daring to depart from orthodox method to pursue innovative legal solutions.

Why this Website?

The idea of hosting this Website stems from the galloping news articles about rights of an individual being belittled and legal harassment of innocent persons.

Being in the benevolent legal profession, I felt the urge to prevent this and contribute to the society by creating legal awareness, thereby making justice not just a dream but a reality.

The blog attached to this website will be my forum for creating legal awareness.